Why get a Scuf Instinct pro controller?

If you’re looking for high-quality controllers for PC, PlayStation, or Xbox games, scuf is one of the best options. Microsoft-focused pad the Scuf Instinct Pro controller, but when the Elite Series 2 exists, how can anyone else compete in the enthusiast control environment

Why would you select another controller when the current Xbox and PlayStation have superb controllers designed by Microsoft and Sony? A second or replacement controller can’t go wrong with the ordinary controllers, especially when they’re around $50 or less.

Microsoft went after the enthusiast market with their second-generation Elite Series 2 console despite this. Pads like this one may cost as much as $179.99 and come with premium fees, although they’ve been around long enough to receive frequent discounts.

However, let’s talk about the pricing. These controllers are only available via the Scuf website, as you may create your model with a wide variety of cosmetic and functional components. At $199.99/£189.99, the entry-level scuf Instinct Pro is reasonably priced. Nevertheless, when you explore the site’s numerous customization choices, you’ll find that the price quickly rises.

In addition to the standard black or white faceplates, which are free of charge, you may also purchase faceplates with different lettering colors for an additional $9.99. You don’t have to pay extra to select concave or domed, short or long analogue, but it costs $4.99 more to select a color. Costly: $1.99 per plastic ring for an analogue hole’s ring color change.

The Scuf Instinct Pro’s button arrangement may be customized for more than just cosmetic reasons. Unfortunately, the backside paddle buttons on the pad require this. In addition to being easily accessible, they have a nice click to them, unlike the flappy paddles of the Elite Series 2 or previous Scuf controllers. Sadly, they can’t be used to map a keyboard function to the gamepad and therefore expand your game’s inputs.

Unlike the Elite, the instinct Pro has a flick switch that allows you to choose between the two trigger settings. It’s like a shadow mouse click. According to the manufacturer, this is for shooters who prefer a hair-trigger over an analog control.