What to know aboutLEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

As soon as you select the first episode of your favorite series, you begin to grasp the scope of the game. Many people and ships can be unlocked, but that’s not all. As you play through the first few scenes of every Star Wars adventure you quickly discover a slew of new things to explore.

It’s fun to play through one of the movie stories. You play as a specific character, and you move through linear levels that are connected by wide open spaces. C-3PO and R2-D2 will escape to Tatooine at the start of New Hope. Soon after, you’re free to explore the sandy planet at your own pace, and you can pick up the story when you’re ready to.

The plot of the film isn’t rushed; instead, you’re allowed some freedom to explore familiar locations. When you’re not advancing the story, you may basically do whatever you want, including traveling into space and to other planets you’ve unlocked.

You can choose to travel the galaxy freely, selecting any character from your unlocked roster, piloting any spacecraft you own, and visiting any location you’ve already visited. It combines everything you’ve seen onto a single galactic map, thereby transforming the game into an open-world experience. If you’ve completed all nine films and unlocked all of the locations, free play becomes almost overwhelming.

The Skywalker Saga has a lot of personality and detail, so it’s a lot of fun to find out about it all. Each abridged movie is a delight to play thanks to great voice acting and clever visual gags.

Even in split-screen co-op, the game plays smoothly and at 60 frames per second.

Playability has been completely reworked in this iteration of LEGO Star Wars, and it shows. Even though the modifications are minor, they have a significant impact on how the game plays.

Even though the game is primarily geared for a family audience, there is a noticeable improvement in the gameplay’s flow.

However, boss encounters and space conflicts are more complicated, and there are several distinctive set-piece sequences that keep you on your toes. Despite the modifications, the core of LEGO games remains, and it’s difficult to have a poor time playing something so casual and fun.

There are just five main stages in each episode, and while there are open areas to explore in between, you can go through the entire film within a couple of hours. Free play is the heart of the game, whether it’s revisiting old levels to find what you’ve missed or exploring the planets to their utmost potential.

Local co-op is an integral element of the LEGO game identity, and it’s just as enjoyable today as it ever was. While we believe it is unfortunate that there is still no online co-op, we believe that what is available here works effectively.