Want to miss misbehave try “Just Die Already” game review!

A long time ago, a game that let you control a wild goat wreaking havoc became an amazing hit. The Goat Simulator, which benefited greatly from YouTube user support and Twitch trappings, was a global parody stage and a crazy test of participatory behaviors. Now the game’s creator is back with similar open-world practice, a farce based on physics, this time only the heroes misbehaving, the older men having accounts to settle against society.
You will be playing like one of the older men resting in a retired home. Out of nowhere, I concluded that life locked up in a granny’s can is not worth the stay. So you get on your to-do list, set yourself on fire a few times, and face escape. Every time you blast a couple of inflatables and unleash the rage of 1000 pacemakers, you will find yourself on the road, and the game will start right.

Just Die Already starts amazingly. The opening is short and contains a small set of mini-missions that allow you to master the controls and, most importantly, the risks. When you leave your house, things go from good to good.
The open world is big enough to support research but not so big that I got lost. It is also full of things to do, people to annoy, and obstacles to overcome. Each area looks unique and has many things to see, do and discover.
Just Die Already is almost as if everything, and most of the time, everyone is there to get you. You’ll be hit, trampled, or even hit until you break a bone or lose an appendix. It’s a challenge trying to control your personality while staying flawless, so imagine losing parts of your body trying to walk somewhere. Carnage and disassembly with ragdoll effects are a nice extra touch different from Goat Simulator, but it gets annoying and fast considering how easy it is to lose an accessory. Within the actual preamble, you could quickly kill yourself just by trying to move into the starting room. Riding a bike or bike in this game is quite annoying because you will be swaying and swaying on the road, ending with the player falling hard into the barrier.
So far, there are no new guides like the ones announced by Goat Simulator. Until that point, Just Die Already would quickly become boring and real. When you play the game and discover the vast majority of weapons and areas, there is nothing else to do with the game. The least this game can do is offer a minimum of mystery eggs or even collectibles to keep players in mind. When you are in a basic game, it is obviously better to play with friends, but if you do it alone, you will end up playing for at least 30-45 minutes, and then you will get tired. The absence of music or soundtrack also doesn’t help with this situation either.