Want to be a pirate play “Sea of thieves”

If you are a pirate gaming enthusiast, Sea of Thieves offers the ultimate experience because it allows you to sail, loot, fight, explore and do everything you want to become a legend of your own while living your pirate life. The game has no set roles. Therefore, you can become anything you want with complete freedom to explore the world however you choose.

Whether you embark on your journey as a crew or solo, you are bound to meet others in the diverse waters. Nevertheless, you will never run short of excitement because you will drink, sail, steal treasure, attack other crews and engage in other pirate stuff.

Sea of Thieves might seem confusing at first because it does not offer any directions on maneuvering through sails. Therefore, unless you are willing to research, it will take you a few hours to familiarize yourself with quests, sailing, catching chickens, and selling them for a profit.

If you are patient enough, your first few hours will be thrilling as you learn how to control your crew, assign duties, steer the ship, look out for enemies, and sail through throbs of wind. Luckily, the game rewards your coordination naturally because you do not have to complete tasks and piece together riddles as in other raid games. Thus, it promises a worthwhile gaming experience.

The journey across the sea and through the waves is mesmerizing because no game has ever come close to emulating real-life experiences of deep-sea sailing than Sea of Thieves. Your first storm might catch you as a surprise, with strong winds and lighting punching holes into your deck. In this case, only your efforts will prevent you from perishing in the wreckage.

Surviving your first storm is a relief, especially when the heavy clouds start clearing away. Unfortunately, it is after this point that you may begin feeling the game’s redundancy, which extends into its near foreseeable future. However, maybe its developers might dramatically update it in the future versions to introduce more features.

Although The Sea of Thieves is a unique game, its strength lies in its social community. However, if you play the game for some time, you will realize that the experiences are not that similar.