Vampire the masquerade bloodhunt game Review!!!

Vampire the Masquerade is a third-person battle royale shooter game. This game was made by Sharkmob AB. The game has a gothic feel to it.
This game is set in the town of Prague, and it is in the world of the White Wolf. This allows supernatural creatures to roam the land. They are looking to hide among the moral human. The vampires as known as the Masquerade.
The Masquerade is looking to hide the vampires from the mortals. The vampires need to follow a code of conduct known as the Camarilla setting. The vampires need to follow this code, so they do not draw attention to themselves.
Part of this code is to not feed on humans and not use their supernatural powers in human presence. It turns out this is a creative game to play.

When playing this game, each player will have a character they need to defeat. The match is an enactment of the worse evening of their life. Each vampire needs to fight off other players so they will be the last one standing. They also need to fight off vampire hunters that are looking out to get them. While they are fighting, they need to do their best to protect the Masquerade. They are still trying to stand hidden from the morals.
This game is a fight to the end.
There are some cool weapons in the game. There are snipers and assault rifles, and there are also guns that shoot fire. In addition, there are some additional weapons to use, including a crossbow, fire explosives, and a giant crossbow that will make a cloud of poison for the enemies. A player can also get a minigun.
The vampires can find the humans first, and they can attack. Like a vampire, a player can take bite the human and take their blood. This will restore their health. The downside is that the vampire will be highlighted for the other players to see on the map.
The rarer the weapon, the more damage it will do. The weapons are green which means they are common. Purple is rated while orange is legendary, which is the strongest a player can have.