Total: Warhammer 3 top strategy game in 2022

It’s not uncommon for large-scale strategy games to have difficult endgames. Making a single decision out of hundreds of choices isn’t an easy task. Competitors sometimes feel like they’re playing different games during competitions. Isolated and often arbitrary victory circumstances can be a problem. Even if you don’t realize you’ve won until hours after the game has ended, you can still grind your way to victory. For Total War: Warhammer 3: Reign of Chaos, the same holds true. Endgame flaws permeate throughout the entire campaign, diminishing an overarching strategic layer that demands far more attention than it receives.
I am blown away by the first impression of Warhammer 3. As you travel over the terrain, you’ll follow the story of a single character and learn about their backstory. You have the ability to communicate the strategic decisions made by your army. The use of small film snippets as part of a story. One of the best ways to get a feel for the game’s mechanics and surroundings. After all that setup, there is a glaring absence of character-driven motivation.

As a result of this scenario, a new kind of total war is being set in motion, one in which conquest of the map is both encouraged and not as critical to reaching Ursun’s jail as previously thought. Every 30 or so turns, rifts appear across the globe, unleashing legions of the demons and allowing mortals to explore some of Total War’s most bizarre locales. What am I getting out of it? The prince’s heart is broken. The gigantic bear awaits you once you’ve collected four of a kind. Throughout the Realm of Chaos, the patron deity’s personality is represented. Every day, armies are decimated in the toxic, pestilent wasteland of Nurgle. Portals connect the purple rings that make up Slaanesh’s ream. Every time you walk through one of these portals, you’ll be lured by wonderful presents, but only if you forget to return with your treasure. In Tzeentch’s domain, magic connects the floating islands, making it difficult to foresee the path to the final battle. Khorne’s simplest realm is a hellscape where you fight a lot of demons and rogue armies until you’ve earned enough bloody glory.”

Most of your effort will be devoted to these tasks; yet, their weight will hang over the campaign as a whole. Prepare for the next one because it is inevitable. You must instantly increase the size of your army and create the most formidable force possible if you want to be ready. It is imperative that your region be protected from demonic incursions and lethal foes as soon as the rifts occur.
On my first playthrough, I thoroughly enjoyed the campaign, which is one of Creative Assembly’s more unconventional efforts. The more I learn about the Realm of Chaos, the more resentful I get of the fact that I must return there when I might be destroying other factions’ towns in the sandbox and consuming their resources.
The last showdown is a fight for life and death for each and every one of them. Assaults using waves and tower defenses exist. Even though I first enjoyed the fact that you could use resources acquired in the battle to build different walls and towers, as well as recruit more soldiers, I quickly grew bored with this system after only a single campaign.