Tales of Arise review

For those of you who have been around since the Nintendo era, you must be familiar with Tales Series games. This role-playing game is packed with action, and the storyline is quite impressive. Like other Tales’ series franchises, the Arise of a product of Bandai Namco. Just from the overview, you will realize that the TalesofArise is a bigger budget game that is an upgrade of its predecessors in terms of graphics and gameplay.

The Tales of Arise gameplay revolves around the colonization of Dahna by Rena, which boasts of powerful and high-tech weapons. The game focuses on a character known as Alphen, an enslaved person who cannot feel pain. He is known for rocking an iron mask and dedication to helping fellow enslaved people in his camp.

Amidst Dhana’s quest to resist Rena’s rule, Alpen comes across Shionne, of Renan origin. Shionne is followed by a curse that makes her untouchable (literally). She has other capabilities such as chanting powerful healing spells and possesses a blazing sword that burns anything it comes into contact with.

These two embark on a quest to take down the Renan lords. In this duo, Alpen is the muscle, and Shionne provides support. As it’s common with Tales games, the first few hours allow you to catch up with the storyline. There are other characters you encounter later on, and they make the game very interesting.

The characters can be assigned six skills to be used during combat. In the game, these are called Artes. These six skills are divided into two, three for the air and three for the ground. The combat skills range from jumps to attacks. There is no block skill from the Artes. Characters can only roll or sidestep to avoid hits in combat.

In the Tales of Arise, you can only control one character during gameplay. AI controls the rest. You don’t have to worry about getting beaten because the AI does an incredible job controlling the rest. You can, however, customize some AI functions and their access to Artes. There is the option to swap from one character to another during combat and use their special skills.

The overall gameplay is exhilarating. For instance, the TalesofArise feature skits whereby the game is paused, giving you more explanation of conversations. There are side quests that inform you of the different characters’ personalities. Because these skits don’t appeal to everyone, there is the option to skip and watch them later at campfire checkpoints.

Tales of Arise incorporates both a captivating storyline and action-packed combat. In the past, combat was displayed through 2D. But, the Tales of Arise has upgraded to only 3D movements with a much better control scheme ensuring the fighting scenes are smoother.