Super Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch game review

The popular Super Mario franchise has been around since 1985. The 32 years it has been airing is a long time for any series to remain around, fresh and relevant. While Nintendo’s amulet consistently owns great platformers, often, one game is capable of rising out of the rest to become something truly remarkable. Since Mario 64, the Mario sage has successfully remained solid; however, not quite outstanding. Even when titles like Super Mario 3D World and Super Mario Galaxy were fun to watch and follow, the formula remained pretty similar with a few additional specifics to give it a newness feeling.

However, Super Mario Odyssey was quick to crush the trend by becoming among the finest platforming experiences until now. The latest franchise entry in this adored series takes platforming to higher and newer heights using clever level design, adequate endgame content to keep you playing past the main history, and thrilling new game mechanics.

We are happy to join Mario, our hero in a war against his old foe, Bowser. King Koopa has already kidnapped Princess Peach once more, but this time, he intends to make her his bride. Unluckily, Bowser possesses some new tactics up his sleeves and quickly takes off, leaving Mario plummeting to the world below and hat-less. All is in control since our favorite plumber has a new mate, Cappy, to assist him in his mission to salvage the princess.

Though the storyline might be standard Mario fare, the gameplay automatically puts a new spin on things. Cappy proves to be more than just a wise-cracking side-kick- he is the mechanic of the game. Mario can throw his mate at all sorts of different objects and foes to take over their bodies.

Mario is also capable of becoming a Goomba. To cause damage, reach new heights, or as a temporary platform when you have done the perfect timing, you could also use Mario’s new hat. This design has broken that mold, rather than just a heavy pile of costumes that increase the powers the players possess.

However, costumes are still important, and Mario will still possess different powers.