Rainbow Six: Extraction (Zombie game)

Rainbow Six: Extraction is a survival game that involves three players, zombies, and an alien parasite. You are supposed to fight the alien parasite spreading across the USA. If you are familiar with Siege, you will have an easy time with Extraction because it continues Siege. You will be allowed to choose out of the 18 operators from Siege who retain their gadgets. Although some operators have slightly different devices, which helps improve their functionality in a PvE environment, veteran players will feel comfortable using them.

At first, you might feel overwhelmed because the tutorial explains every aspect of the game at once. Frankly, you will need to put in several hours to adjust its flow. However, when you put enough time into it, you will experience the best side of Rainbow Six: Extraction.

On the mechanical side, you will explore the four main settings that offer three playing levels. The environments are unique and filled with brilliant art, making it one of the game’s highlights. Some of the locations include a penthouse suite and Truth or Consequences. Additionally, the areas are further divided into smaller maps with objectives to complete.

If you fail to complete the objective, you can continue playing and move to the next level. Even if you die, your squad-mates can save you by carrying your body to a specific extraction point to ensure you gain all your XP. However, if you all wipe, you choose a new operator and retrieve your MIA characters. Even though the rescuing process is not complicated, it is interesting because if you fail, you are de-ranked.

Rainbow Six: Extraction is characterized by a decent core gameplay and impressive level variety, but it has some blind spots. The exciting part of the game is evident when the zombie focuses on various tactics and stealth. However, during the unsuccessful stage, one cannot help but notice the weak points like an obnoxious RNG progression system and mediocre AI. However, you should try it with a couple of friends and have fun while at it.