Pokémon brilliant diamond out now

Pokémon brilliant diamond is set like the main series games in the Sinnoh region, a land of numerous myths. You begin the game by choosing an appearance and a first partner Pokémon from the three given choices. The game is now set, and you can travel across Sinnoh challenging gym leaders to receive victory badges. Once you have all the eight gym badges, Pokémon league is complete. What now awaits is the champion and elite four. However, you will encounter the mysterious organization Team Galactic and legendary Pokémon Dialga during your adventure. Dialga controls time while Team Galactic is looking to steal Pokémon and create another world. You have to stop them. Overall, the entire game is all about catching, training, and battling with your Pokémon through Sinnoh to become champion.

It is clear that the new Pokémon Brilliant Diamond offers the same experience of the series as opposed to some view that it has strayed too far. It retells the same story of the fourth generation Pokémon series debuted on Nintendo DS. This game involves typings that are crucial to the success of playthrough. Essentially, this is similar to the popular game of rock-paper-scissors. For example, water types are weak to grass and effective against fire. On the other hand, fire types are weak to water but effective over grass. Each one with a strength and a weakness. There are also a lot of returning features such as the grand underground, the union room, and capsule decoration.
A couple of updates came with the new Pokémon Brilliant Diamond. These include the signature 2.5D graphics for the visual and online play with the DS’s Wi-Fi. The news has been gladly received because of the opportunity to play the game with people around the world in addition to just trading and battling the creatures. However, players have concerned about some visual shortcomings visible in the game’s environment. The smooth design choices make some features like snowy fields, and rocky mountain paths fail to pop. Overall, new fans will have considerable fun digging into the adventures, while the die-hards will also find some exciting features.