Perfect gaming mouse Razer Basilisk V3

The most recent release of the iconic Razer Basilisk V3, as the name suggests, is the third and most advanced gaming mouse ever to be created by the company. As soon as it was launched into the market, the Razer Basilisk V3 quickly earned a name as the best gaming mouse. Despite sharing several similarities with the previous Basilisk V2, the latest model has remarkable improvements that are not immediately noticeable but worth the bargain.

The 3rd version of the Razer Basilisk gaming mouse is strikingly similar to the 2nd version, which is not at all disappointing because it was a major success over industry giants like the Logitech MX Master. Razer Basilisk V3 is designed for right-handed people and retains its textured and flared thumb rest, comfortable thumb paddle, and a split mouse button as in the second version. However, you will not fail to notice its extra hard heft as it substantially contributes to its enhanced ergonomics.

The Razer Basilisk V3 is only 20g more than version 2. Nonetheless, the additional weight can seem like a kilogram to some users. However, you can easily hold onto it for hours due to additional features like its 100% PTFE, allowing it to glide effortlessly without any interference from its braided cord.

Even with the numerous similarities between versions 2 and 3, you will not miss the obvious design changes. For example, the Razer Basilisk V3 has a nine-zone Chroma lighting strip at its base, a hump logo, and a perfectly placed scrolling wheel, making it look like a whole new product. To top it off, the Chroma lighting is fully customizable, allowing you to engage with the device’s software.

The thumb paddle in version 3 is shorter and non-removable. However, it feels more solid, durable, and reassuring than in the second version. Therefore, you will not worry about losing your mouse as soon as the hard gaming kicks in. Moreover, you can save different profiles in all the ten mouse buttons to the device’s internal memory. Nonetheless, you will have to flip the mouse to hit the switch that cycles button profiles.

Razor is currently flaunting version 3’s new Hyper-Scroll Tilt Wheel as a standout feature of the new design. You can use the Hyper-Scroll Tilt Wheel in two modes: the Free Spin mode to reduce scrolling resistance and the Tactile mode during clicky, measured rolls. The Smart Reel feature is an extra mode that enables you to switch between the two modes easily. When you spin the wheel faster, the mode automatically switches to Free Spin, which is useful for longer web pages.

Despite V3’s cool new scroll wheel, the wheel features do not have practical uses during gaming. However, there are thousands of game hacks that can allow you to make use of the scroll wheel to your benefit. The Razer Basilisk V3 is currently unmatched because its new elements do not detract from the perfect features in its initial models. Therefore, it is worth checking out.