Marvel’s Spider-Man (Playstion only)

One of the most impressive aspects of Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4 is the quality of the graphics. As you fly your way through the Manhattan skyscrapers, you cannot help but admire how realistic they are. The open-world gameplay is reminiscent of retro games of this type. There is a storyline and interaction with the environment and other characters that you do not see so much of in modern superhero games.

The game is set in the present day when Peter Parker is 23 years old and working as a research assistant. Norman Osborn is the mayor of New York City. Things are not really going well with MJ and he feels as if his life as Peter is in a bit of a slump. It could not be more different for Spidey though, who now has a good working relationship with the police after helping to put away villains such as Rhino, Vulture, and Electro.

The fluid movement that you experience in this game does falter slightly when you encounter a boss. This is something that occurs fairly regularly in the first part of the game. In the second act, there are virtually no villains to fight and this can mean it feels as if there is a bit of a lull in the middle of the game.

The development of the characters really takes place in the middle section of the game. There may not be as much fighting, but this does not mean that there isn’t anything going on. There are still a lot of action sequences which makes it feel as if you are in a blockbuster movie.

As you might expect, Spidey has a lot of inventive weapons that he carries with him at all times in his arsenal. He also has an extensive wardrobe and each costume he has comes with its own special powers. Once you have unlocked these outfits and powers, the powers are available to be used regardless of what you are wearing at the time. This means once you find a favorite suit, you are able to wear it as often as you want.

There are some slight issues with this game that could be improved – the lack of fluid movement during the boss fights and the lack of real enemies to fight in the middle of the game. However, it is a game that makes you feel as if you are Spider-Man and this means you can overlook any small inconveniences.

Overall a great game that I enjoyed and will continue to play.