Lost Judgment game review

Lost Judgment is a game that is going to pick up where Yakayuki Yagami left off. This game follows Takuya Kimura, who is a private detective. He is looking into bullying at the Yokohama high school but finds a case of murder in Tokyo.
This plot is a little harder to follow, and there are a lot of gangs and trouble that the player would come to expect from this series. However, it is entertaining, and more effort has been put into the story. This game is more focused than the Big Pharma and will be more intimate.

Yokohama is celebrating the new detective agency that was opened. It is not all celebration, and he is back on the job right away.
Teenage students are bullying others in high school, and Yagami needs to stop things. There is a narrative at the beginning, and there are some flashbacks from the previous game. T here are some characters that have come back, so it is worth checking out the original game to get a feel for them.
The plot is engaging, and the characters are interesting. Some of the dialogs are repeated. It is not terrible, but it will slow down the game. Some characters will show the important job of the detective, and that is something to take note of.
The storyline of the game will run up to 30 hours. There are some fun moments, so it is not worth skipping around. As Yagami is checking out the school, he will find other issues. When he checks out the dance club, it does make the story longer than it needs to be at this point.
There are many minigames in addition to the man storyline. Some are a lot of fun, such as joining in the boxing in the gym. The robotic club will make the player think to solve some puzzles. It can be a nice addition, but some of the minigames take away from the main event.
Lost Judgment is one of the games that has the most content. There is a lot to do. While some of it may seem silly at times, it is most amusing.
Some parts of the game can run a little long, so it is best to limit side activities the first time around. It is hard to balance these games out with the main gameplay.
Lost Judgment is full of gameplay gimmicks. The game is RGG style, but it could be better. The game does have some exciting moments, but the entire story can be drawn out.