Kirby and the forgotten land Nintendo switch game review

Kirby has undergone several reinventions to make him a fun character. He can transform into different shapes and sizes in the games he is in, including new settings and gimmicks. And now, he can use his abilities in 3D space, allowing him to jump and float while vacuuming his enemies and items into his mouth, which he later uses as a firearm.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land series allows Kirby to absorb his enemies’ power to become his own. Thus, he can get a sword and create massive explosions using the Crash ability to clear the screen. Moreover, players can upgrade their abilities in Waddle Dee once they find the corresponding blueprints. Upgrading allows them to tackle the enemies better.

The game also features upgraded Bomb skill that trades standard roller bombs with chained-together ones. The latter bomb types are more robust and valuable to Kirby’s natural talents. Also, note that while Kirby can’t overcome some obstacles, he can transform in different ways in the forgotten land.

Another impressive feature of this game is the Mouthful Mode, which allows Kirby to vacuum big objects using shapes. Kirby enjoys a mouthful of a traffic cone. When he slams the cone tip, he gets the power to crack the ground, breaking into the beneath. He can also eat a car to gain more power, which allows him to speed around and overcome obstacles easily.

All levels have these mouthful objects. Unlike in other versions where they are confined to specific areas for a specific use, Kirby and the forgotten land gives players more flexibility to take the forms. All mouthful forms are great to take down Beast Pack minions within the area and the surrounding parts. There is a good reason worth exploring if Kirby doesn’t get cough one of these mouthful abilities when expected.

Mouthful Mode makes this game exciting and helps Kirby break down each level. Also, note that it changes the pace and gameplay whenever Kirby transforms, making the game more interesting.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land isn’t a hard game, even the Wild Mode level which seems difficult. Enemies in this game encourage players to keep moving and utilize the limited ability to move set, especially during boss fights.