Hitman 3

Hitman 3 presents the final sequel of IO Interactive’s trilogy of the ‘World of Assassins’ launched back in 2016. However, the final chapter picks up from the ending episode of the last game in Hitman 2. This time, the bald Agent 47 revolts against his nemesis and the International Contract Agency, the organization that was initially his employer. In Hitman3, Agent 47 wages war on the corrupt organization, hoping to thwart all its officials, using the same disguise and murder skills that once made him their most trusted agent.

The strength of Hitman 3 lies in its new features and remarkable improvements that enhance the gaming experience. IO Interactive has introduced six strikingly lit and beautiful locations, allowing you to wander through China’s neon streets and parachute onto the globe’s tallest buildings in Dubai. Fluorescent lights in an underground club in Germany also look fantastic, suggesting that the developers significantly improved the game’s lighting engines.

Hitman3 is an appropriate and worthy conclusion to the Hitman trilogy because it puts an interesting twist in hunting down and killing targets. Rather than shooting individuals from tall buildings in different locations, Agent 47 poses as part of the audience, police officers, murder scene detectives, and other unique roles before an assassination attempt. Unfortunately, the improvements are not easily notable to first-time players because the storyline reflects Agent 47’s past experiences and resonates with feelings from the previous sequels. However, the game takes a slow-burning pace and engages a tense atmosphere that allows you to interact with all its elements without playing the previous versions.

Although Hitman 3 concludes an epic sequence of Agent 47’s World of Assassins, its enhanced features do not feel like an end. Instead, there are numerous side activities and diverse content to keep gamers glued to the screen for hours. Similarly, IO Interactive has made amendments to encourage player experimentations and dash out rewards for performance. For example, a player is tasked with eliminating a target and escaping without being caught at all levels. Similarly, you can knock out enemies, hide their bodies, and change into their clothes for a disguise. However, some areas are restricted, and some enemies can see through the disguise. Therefore, the game has a unique touch that will keep you intrigued and anticipating the next challenge in the journey towards becoming the ultimate assassin.

Hitman 3 is built on the foundation of its predecessors but does not recycle old mechanics. Nevertheless, there is noticeable improvement throughout the levels, and the missions are deeply engaging. To a casual onlooker, the Hitman series might appear as the story of a master assassin with various killing techniques. However, Hitman3 is much more as it demands tactical thinking and includes alarming twists, thus offering a satisfying conclusion to the story.