Guardians of the galaxy game review

If you’re looking for an action-packed game that’ll take you on a galactic adventure, look no further than the third-person Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. You’ll play as Peter Quill, the ’80s-obsessed captain of the Guardians, that blasts enemies with his dual guns on various planets. You’ll also be able to order the other Guardians to execute unique attacks in battle.

Like you’d hope in such a game, Guardians are as powerful as you’d want them to be. The Guardians are a unique group of characters. Drax and Gamora slice them with their blades, Groot roots them up, and Rocket blasts enemies with an insane number of guns. For Star-Lord, this is not a power fantasy. He has weak blasters, making him put extra hard effort to drop even the weakest enemies. Blasters are weak, but the Guardian teams can be deployed strategically to succeed.

Guardians of the Galaxy is one of my favorite games of all time. One of my favorite moments within Guardians of the Galaxy is near the end, where Groot walked up to a gap and placed a bridge without me asking. I thought it was a glitch, but Peter complimented Groot on this initiative, confirming what I could describe as a boss move. Rocket followed suit when he began hacking electronics on his initiative too. I treated my teammates with respect from the start, and they reciprocated by paying it back to me on the inside of the game.

As I played, it was clear that the game’s creator was trying to give us a true Star Wars experience. However, they didn’t succeed and were only able to provide an experience close to what we would see in Star Wars. In space combat sequences, for example, controlling the Milano is entertaining in principle, but bad controls and a lack of danger make these parts little more than simply a show. The game’s other distractions, on the other hand, are much more successful. The hunt for different suits for each Guardian is a nice reward, as well as some collectibles that appear on the Milano enhance the story and provide further insight into its characters.

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