Glorious Model D- top best mouses around

The Glorious Model D- is a shorter version of the previous Model and Mira M. It measures 4.72 x 2.40 x 1.30 inches and features a lopsided shape. Thanks to the mechanical switches attached to the right and left buttons, the device is very precise and zippy. It has six buttons, allowing enough inputs for the player.

These buttons are; left and right-click buttons, two side buttons, a CPI button, and a scroll wheel in button. Individuals can program them using the Glorious’ software.

The system has three RGB zones on the scroll wheel and sides. Individuals can also customize them on Glorious’ own software.

But where GloriousModelD- falls behind is in the branding. It is not as appealing as you’d expect with such a powerful machine. A mascot picture represents the Glorious PC Gaming Race, and you’ll also come across a small Glorious stamp to the right side.

The left and right buttons are flayed outwards to offer enough grip when you hold the mouse. Now, this shape makes it comfortable to use the mouse. However, people that love design may not find it appealing. Also, note that the switches are positioned under the plastic outer.

Thus, they reduce the risk of wobbling when you accidentally press the button. However, you’d notice this if you have used a firmer lateral movement before.

The Glorious Model D- features an ergonomic design perfect for small hands. It comes with minuscule gripes and a DPI indicator placed on the mouse’s underside.

If you are deciding between Model D- and Model O-, you should consider comfort, which is influenced by the size of your hand, shape, and grip. These models are suitable for small hands as they offer a perfect grip. But if you have rather large hands, consider large digits and pads.

Also, think of the models in terms of weight. The Glorious Model D- is lighter than Model D. You should also know that the Model D and Model O differ in shape. Thus, you may favor one over the other, depending on the shape you’re used to. For instance, if you’re familiar with a Microsoft IntelliMouse, Model O may be a good choice for you. But someone who has been using an asymmetrical-shaped mouse will be better with Model D.