Death loop game review

Death loop is a time-looping murder game filled with puzzles where time means everything and nothing simultaneously. The main character of the game, Colt, wakes up on the beach of an island with no memory. However, everyone on the island except Colt lives one day on repeat and performs similar actions. Therefore, Colt wants to break this cycle.

However, Colt must assassinate eight murderous visionaries controlling the island before day breaks to achieve his mission. Nonetheless, they are spread out in four districts and four time periods. When Colt is in a district, time stands still but moving from one district to another moves time by one day, making the game deeply fascinating and complex.

Juliana is also a character similar to Colt but can be controlled by other players who aim to destroy Colt’s plans. However, despite her murderous ambitions, she also encourages Colt, depending on the progression path you choose to take. Nonetheless, playing as the villain offers an exciting twist to the game.

Death loop is acclaimed because it features black individuals as big-budget entertainment and media leads. Colt and Juliana are both black and share a relationship that represents the heart of the game. Colt is also weird and timid as he hardly lashes out at Juliana even when she threatens him. Therefore, the tension between the two characters will keep you engaged as you strategize and assassinate adversaries.

Despite its classification as an assassination game, Deathloop is more about gathering information and using it to track down the visionaries. Even if you kill four visionaries, you will not have succeeded in your mission.

Fortunately, Colt has access to unlimited ammunition and upgraded weapons. Moreover, you will access several advanced functionalities like stacking pistols as in Lego bricks to make a giant riffle.

Colt also has access to worldly powers, allowing him to phase through gaps instantly, link enemies and kill them once, and mix the weapons with powers to create magical moments. Thus, the game promises a thrill as you maneuver through the guards.

Although there are several hacking tools online that you can use for your benefit, Deathloop is designed for stealthy players who like to go berserk with superpowers once in a while. Moreover, the games studio has embraced all features of the PS5 controller, allowing you to feel every move, attack, and sensation.

Hence, Deathloop is a time-warping game worth trying out to test your wits and tactile prowess.