Assassin’s Creed : VALHALLA (Review)

And we are back into Assassin’s Creed… THE BEST ONE SO FAR!

The last few Assassin’s Creed games have shifted away from the original gameplay style. Early versions focused on hiding out in the crowd and getting kills from a cart of hay. The series evolved into an adventure game with much more mobility — you could walk around the world freely and with much more agency — but you couldn’t assassinate anyone. In Valhalla, the latest edition, Ubisoft has taken the best parts of all previous releases to serve up extraordinary entertainment

On to the Game

Now, I am ready to walk in the great halls of Asgard. We take an epic journey as Vikings doing what we do best, RAIDING!!!! There are three different ways to play the game — by selecting a male character, a female character, or having the game shift between male and female to fit the gameplay section. Your character is named “Eivor” regardless of your gender choice, and the storyline plays the same. This makes for the best flow I have ever experienced when it comes to Assassin’s Creed. And guess what, you can assassinate again! OH SWEET GODS OF UBISOFT, THANK YOU!

Character love-options

Personally, I have selected the male character option and have so far experienced only one romantic partner option so far — a character of the same sex. This is very interesting to me and I would say great for players who love to experience these types of choices in games. At this  point in the game (at time of writing) I am currently at [At the time of writing] I’ve only encountered one love option, so unfortunately I can’t say if there are more options to test out.

Armor Selection 

With many, many, many options of armor and armor sets, (and really, I could go on and on about this!), this game gives you an awesome set of choices,s bringing a feel to your character that best suits you, regardless of whether you’re a hardcore gamer or a storyline player.

Weapon Selection

As far as weapons go, I still say the axe is the way to go. Or a hammer, you know, cause, well, you know. The various options for close combat, ranged distance weapons, and the ability to find and build better versions is another factor that makes this one of the best games in the series. I personally rock two axes. I have tried other combinations, but so far the axes fit my play style best.

What’s Next

This is such a fun game! I’m going to keep writing updates. Follow along as the adventure continues. I’ll be posting tips, hints, and discoveries that may enhance your gameplay. Welcome to Valhalla!

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