Alt avatar motion controller

From graphics to user experience, many things have changed in the gaming industry. One of the changes we have seen is an advancement in gaming controls. If you think that the current gaming keyboards are awesome, your mind will be blown away by the ALT Avatar Motion Controller.

Labeled as a controller here to re-imagine 21st-century gaming, the ALT will bring a new spark to PC games. This controller is being developed by Pia Labs which are planning on accepting pre-orders.

This gaming keyboard is unlike anything you have ever seen before. It features a base that resembles a trackball with three analog sticks. These sticks can make more than a hundred macros and commands. The ALTAvatarMotionController also features an analog steering wheel, making it ideal for racing games.

Ordinary PC controllers often contain analog inputs. However, these can’t offer the same competitive advantage as a gaming mouse. The ALT Avatar Motion Controller integrates analog sticks alongside keyboard controls. With this controller on your hands, you will never have to stretch your fingers to reach the D, S, A, W keys when playing First Person Shooter video games.

Other than having a unique design, the ALT controller provides all the functions of a regular PC keyboard. It has been in the development stage for seven years. No wonder it’s so impressive. All functions are narrowed down to the three joysticks on the ALT controller. This makes movements easier, fast, and convenient. The first time you use this controller, it will be slightly confusing. But what we are sure of is that gaming enthusiasts will have a much easier time using this Avatar Motion Controller. It is estimated to have a learning curve of around 15 hours.

There are tons of benefits of using the ALT Avatar Motion Controller. It can work extremely well in both hands. So it doesn’t matter whether you are right or left-handed. The other thing is the presence of a built-in analog steering wheel. Racing games will be more fun when using this keyboard. Let’s not even get started with how this controller puts an end to analog movements that compromise comfort.

With this controller, you will have more room to play around with the mouse without fear of knocking off your keyboard amidst gameplay. Please note that this controller isn’t here to render PC keyboards useless. On certain occasions, you will need to key in names and numbers. What you have to do is make space for this innovative controller on your gaming desk.

This controller will go for $250. You can start making pre-orders from March. And as we wrap up, you need to know that when you sign-up on the email list of PLA labs, you can get a discount of $100. Doing that also puts you in a draw where the winner stands a chance to receive a prize of 100 free ALT controllers.