Sifu game review

Sifu is all about revenge. It is a story of climbing a mountain and getting kicked back down. By finishing Sifu, you will not only have mastered the system but also get used to them. You no longer worry about them. The reward is expected and worth the pain that one goes through.

The story starts with a student witnessing five gang members cut down their master. The students go through years of training, and the sole mission on the student’s mind is vengeance. They don’t have anything easy in their journey and constantly get kicked down. However, they still get back up and keep on playing.

Honestly, Sifu is complex and a game that demands that you dedicate yourself to it. You will have to focus on your fighting, especially when fighting through a crowd. This means changing weapons often and maintaining a style that will handle the oncoming onslaught. You incur damage at every level of the game, and this has an impact on your health. However, Sloclap enables you to go back a level to proceed safely.

When you clear Sifu, you will have overcome the barriers and made a real improvement in your life. It might feel like a constant battle without any signs of victory, but this is what the game is meant to be; incredibly difficult. This caused me to wonder how many people have completed the game.

You need the right mentality in addition to the moves to accomplish Sifu. The game has a reward in the skills and life lessons that it instills into the player, and there are plenty of puzzles to solve along the way. In some moments, the game seems to slow down, which is an incredible stage in the game and enables you to focus better and clear the stage.

There are a lot of missions on the side that will help you explore more of the gaming world. You will also discover new tasks that will get you through the game faster. This all adds up to the boss fights with each of the five gang members being incredible opponents to fight against. The fighters have their unique skills and special powers, so you will have to put in some additional effort to clear the boss fights.