Looking for a farming game – Farming simulator 22-

The release of the newest farming simulation game was just announced. I am a huge fan and can’t wait to get my hands on it. My parents will be so happy for me when they see our living room’s TV is finally being put to good use!

I was playing the newest version of the farmer simulator, and it is by far my favorite. You can create your farm and play with friends too! I am so excited to show this game to my friend who lives in another state because we get to build a farm together, just like old times!

I was sitting in my room, talking through the game with my friend. I wanted someone along for the ride. My friend agreed, and we entered the game together, choosing one of the three maps available. We sowed our fields on a farm that had more fertile soil than any other map offered- it seemed perfect! But now, there are so many weeds growing between our once green fields.

The sun is setting, and I head up to the truck. I have been working on the farm, tending to crops, harvesting them, and then getting them ready for sale in town. It’s been a long day of hard work, but I know that it pays off when I see the city lights shine.
The cars in the parking lot were parked in neat rows, with an occasional truck or SUV in between them. “Do you think we should go into that store,” asked my mom as she pointed to a brightly lit building across from our vehicle?

I’m not sure what I was expecting when I went to try out the new farming simulator 22 game. All the old ones were getting boring and repetitive, so this was my last chance before I quit playing altogether.

“Finally,” I thought. The last few moments were spent arranging everything just right, ensuring it was perfect before pressing enter, and creating a save point in-game.

I never knew what to do with the land around my house, so it just stayed empty green space. But when the overhaul happened and divided everything into five categories: building, production, animals, decoration, and landscaping, I realized what I needed was something for decoration purposes.

On the small farm, so many things have been changing. The following new feature is seasonal cycles. That means you will experience winter, spring, summer, and autumn during your playtime. The seasons influence your crops further, so you will have to follow time schedules to cultivate, grow and reap them.

There’s a game menu that allows you to tweak how these seasons work; for instance, winter doest necessarily bring snow, but it may still bring challenges for your crops, but we’re lucky with our mild winters here in England, and I’m not entirely sure what all the fuss has been about!

The sun had finally set, and the cool evening air was settling in. The crops in my fields looked healthy, with the grapes, olives, and sorghum growing without any issues. They would all be ready to harvest before I knew it, which meant I needed to start thinking about new equipment for these three new crops.

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