Never played Horizon zero dawn (complete edition) here’s what to know


Horizon Zero Dawn is a third-person action-adventure comparable to, Far Cry, God of War, or Assassin’s Creedin terms of structure and open-world setting. Aloy searches an enormous environment full of towns, bandits’ camps, and ruins using her spear and a variety of bows, slings, and other equipment. As she goes about her journey, she levels up, has her health improved, and has increased skill points, all due to more experience. This is all achievable along a straightforward skill tree.

The contrast between the stunning natural beauty and the ruthless machines that stalk about is perhaps the most fascinating element of Horizon Zero Dawn. Unlike most science fiction games that feature everything as mechanical and sterile, Horizon Zero Dawn presents a unique setting. To put this to perspective, if, for instance, you swapped the machines with dinosaurs, you’d make a prehistoric hunter-versus-dinosaur game, the only difference being that it’s now set in the distant future. This is remarkably phenomenal. This becomes even more apparent when you consider the different terrains you can play through. Whether you’re scaling a ruined factory, slinking through a verdant jungle, or racing across a barren desert, it’s all very well done.

Aloy doesn’t have to perform all of the tasks by herself. While in the field, she’ll learn how to bend the machines’ brainpower to her will, but I won’t spoil the surprise. Depending on the machine, overriding it yields different results. Some can become tractable mounts, while others could fight their own kind for you. As you move higher skill-wise, the override time increases, allowing you to constitute a small loyal army of ferocious steeds. It’s delightfully smug to watch them cause mayhem on the field from a safe distance.

The game is massive, with a huge map that covers miles of territory across various terrains, including forests, frozen steppes, and deserts. Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition is significantly larger than the original game, owing to the inclusion of The Frozen Wilds DLC. This is a chilly region that was added to the map that becomes accessible midway through the game. This area is full of settlements, ruins, machine grazing areas, and bandit camps. You can explore all of these areas as you complete your pursuits.