Age Of Empire 4 is one of the best RTS to date

Very few real-time strategy (RTS) games can come close to Age of Empires 4 when it comes to offering you thrilling gameplay. This game puts you at the center of historical battles, thus exposing you to a whole new gaming experience. It has a slightly different gameplay than its predecessors. It still features the classic village building and sword fights of the late middle ages. But there is a little bit more spice to it. This game grants you eight different civilizations that you can take control of. This is available in both single and multiplayer modes. The latter allows you to explore more from these civilizations. But if you mostly prefer single-player mode, you can always battle it out with the AI at different difficulty levels.

The gameplay is quite impressive. With the AgeofEmpires4, your foot soldiers can create siege engines which they will use to infiltrate towers. In this upgrade, players need not navigate the siege engines from the map. And, when attacking enemies, you can explore different routes and try out other strategies after a loss. The battles still look the same. Groups of soldiers approach one another and start throwing pokey sticks. There is also an option of putting soldiers on walls. This is an excellent defense strategy in single-player mode. If you can also place archers there, you can take out external attacks faster.

RTS games such as AgeofEmpires4 are more interesting in multiplayer mode. This allows the players to see who is more thoughtful and strategic. Fortunately, this game also includes a multiplayer option. And other than playing against one another, Age of Empires 4 allows you to team up against the AI. Inexperienced players can learn a thing or two from their friends. The co-op vs AI mode works similarly as it did in AgeofEmpires3. Multiplayer is available on the main menu. And you can either create or join a group. There is the option to play with friends. If they are not online, you can always join a bunch of strangers. In-game communication comes in very handy in multiplayer.

Despite being a great RTS game, the AgeofEmpires4 has got some drawbacks. First, it lacks a feature found in its predecessors where you could design scenarios and share them with friends. Secondly, there is no map editor. Relic, however, claims mod tools are being developed and should be available soon. This should solve these issues. Creating an army at the beginning of the game can be challenging for beginners, but once you build enough troops and engage in battle, the game becomes quite interesting as you conquer civilizations.