Monster Hunter Rise coming to PC soon

Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter gameplay loop has remained unchanged since the first game. You gather, hunt, and collect items to craft gear that lets you take on more difficult missions with higher stakes until you’re strong enough to fight a mid-boss or gather enough materials for grander armor sets.
Monster Hunter Rise changes up the gameplay loop by simplifying gathering mechanics, adding crafting options, and upping the stakes for mid-boss fights in an attempt to keep the franchise fresh after more than a decade.

The Monster Hunter series is intensely focused on fighting monsters, so most of these changes are meant to improve the gameplay loop by making it more diverse and exciting.

The new thing about it is the wirebug, which can control the monster, forcing it to drop items for gathering, come to you or flee. It also features an entirely new map and some new monsters. You can put the monster in a rideable state and use it against other monsters. Players can now join a quest as a caravan-like group, which decreases the difficulty and rewards the player with loot from enemies they encounter after each defeated monster.
The crafting system has been made much easier as well. You no longer have to visit the blacksmith; you need materials and go to the “presents” menu to craft anything. In addition, monster armor can be enhanced in this game, so you have more options to customize your character.
The new Rampage mode is an excellent example of what is currently possible. In this mode, you’re put on a map where there’s a monster that goes wild, and you have to defeat it. It has different modes, but the main idea is killing everything on your path before the time runs out or killing enough monsters at once.
It includes multiplayer features like playing with friends online and local co-op, making it easy for friends to take on quests and fight monsters.

Monster Hunter, Rise is the latest spin-off in Capcom’s long-running series, with a distinct focus on simplifying crafting and gathering mechanics and introducing new ways to play like Rampage mode.

Released on Nintendo Switch: March 26, 2021

Releases on PC: January 12th, 2022