God Of War game review

The grand entrance of the God of War game sets a somber mood. Kratos and son Atreus are busy in the woods finding and chopping wood to be used in the funeral of their dead mother and wife. Her dying wish was for her remains to be spread at the highest peak in all the kingdoms. This is the Kratos, and Atreus primary mission is to climb the highest mountain. They are faced with a more significant challenge since Kratos cannot stay away from the Gods in every ream he is in. but they have to stay focus to fulfill their mission of finding the ashes a resting place no matter what comes their way.

Kratos and Atreus’s relationship is the heart of the game and mimics characteristics of God of war. They are inseparable where Atreus has a special button on the dual controller. If you want him to translate runes or fire arrows on a statue, hit the button. Kratos use the magical ax to overcome obstacles, while Atreus is smarter and more agile. You have to use both of their abilities to solve puzzles in the game as they complete each other.



The exceptional imaginary flights of the gods and their world bring up a sense of reality, of chaotic wilderness. In a nutshell, when the game takes you to an extraordinary place, it does not wholly feel like a changeover, neither does it feel purely natural. The God’s world is enforced, garish fulfilling, and appears like it. This is because gods are children and are made to stay like children, maybe by the pressure of expectations. This is an interesting option to come in close. The God of wars games has always been a graphical representation that now shows our admired looks at things that have changed. God of war is a fantastic game, just like other gods of war. Nevertheless, there are those confusing moments that define the game’s creativity and imagination. The good news is that the developer has looked at the minor things and came up with a way for everything to work harmoniously.