Story of seasons pioneers of olive town

Like most farming simulating games, you first need to create a unique avatar character to begin your game mission in Pioneers of Olive Town. With this character, you find yourself as a farmer. The avatar character works and tills on a farm that formally belonged to their grandfather. In this character you are playing, you must ensure that you reinstate the farm’s former reputation. Luckily, you come across victor, the city’s mayor, who introduces himself and orientates you through the basics of the game. Interestingly, victor stops over at your farm each morning to equip you with new details on advancing in the game for purposes of improving your farm and the town.


Story of Seasons Review

Story of Seasons’ gameplay revolves around the economic activities in Olive Town, such as tilling the land, selling the farm produce, and investing more on your farm. The game begins on a low momentum before becoming addictive. Interestingly, the game incorporates a different timing from the real-time, where one second represents one minute. This way, the player can organize how to complete each day’s task and carry forward incomplete tasks to the following day.

This game tests the player’s ability to make critical and difficult decisions as it can become tricky to pack in each day’s activity. As a result, you develop the mentality of pursuing your tasks for an extra one day which rapidly accumulates to several days. All these happen without the player noticing the massive extension of the game session by several hours. Prior Story of Seasons and Olive Town manifest their significant differences in the materials and their crafting techniques.

The seasons in the Pioneers of Olive Town pass slowly because the game is stuffed with too much work. From experience, each season got me with surprise due to the load that I was packing per day. That’s not all, as I still needed to do more packing at the end of each day. These tasks saw me carrying forward some packing to the following day. The bottom line is that your daily pursuit remains at clearing new land portions, reconstruction of structures, and arranging an additional mine excursion. Also, saving on advancing into a new tool and attempting to complete a quest for the town’s development are additional tasks that await you at any given point. What about that cute girl working at the museum? You also have to work towards convincing the girl to accompany you for a beach walk. The good thing is that most of these tasks are standard.


The Story of Seasons will quickly entice you to stick around and explore the best deals that Olive Town can offer. Therefore, it is essential to always search for crafting materials when you are not occupied on the farm. Hunting for crafting materials works to your advantage because you can use the materials to manufacture items like clothing, seasonings, home décor, and lumber. In addition, every season comes with new activities such as taming new livestock, planting new crops, and crafting unique decorations.

(Released on Nintendo Switch and PC)