Call of Duty Warzone (Payload) Gameplay/Review

In Season 4 on Call of Duty, they have a new playable mode Called Payload. There are two teams in this game mode; the attacking team is to escort the two sets of trucks “A and B” to the Last drop point. There is a time limit, so if you allow the time to run out, you lose. However, there are checkpoints on the way that give you an extra two minutes if you get the trucks to them. And the Defensive team has to stop them from reaching their destination. Of course, they can also drive the trucks backward to do so; just like the attacking team, you have to be close to the front truck, which moves by itself. Also, on the defensive side, there are recon towers and barriers you can put up if you have the right amount of cash. Once the game is over, you swap sides.

Payload will take place in Verdansk with Boundaries zones, so be careful where you are running. You also get to use your loadout, so here’s an excellent time to level up some of those guns. Ammo is limited, so be sure to put that ammo box on Field Upgrades, and the plates are located on the back of the truck you can resupply as many times as you’d like. When you die, you get to pick if you’re going to spawn near truck A or B; this is on both the attacking and defensive side.