Diablo III Basic Review

Diablo III is a linear game that does not boast an extensive, complicated storyline or lore, nor is it a game in which the player’s actions have lasting consequences. The game’s basic storyline is that the player has embarked on a journey to seal away the lords of hell, which sets the stage for the repetition to be expected throughout. In the simplest of terms, Diablo III is a game in which the player kills zombie hordes, collects loot, and utilizes the loot. Then repeat the process; most games today are filled to the brim with theatrics and in-depth storylines, leaving Diablo III to serve as a breath of fresh air compared to other games.

Its simplicity makes it a heavily addicting game for some players, but there is a middle ground for Diablo III. It is a relaxed, low-stakes game with clear objectives and no permanent consequences to a player’s in-game actions. The game allows players to do nothing of consequence within the game while still feeling as though they are making progress. It is repetitive simplicity and straightforwardness makes Diablo III a stress-free, inviting game to play.

At the beginning of the game, the player selects a character from one of seven different classes. The classes themselves are relatively straightforward – Barbarians are tanks while Wizards deal damage from afar. As the game progresses, the player’s character will gain experience and learn new skills, which come in a wide variety of permutations that allow players to mix and match at will. An example of this is with the Necromancer class, in which a character can detonate corpses with the press of a button or summon a flesh golem to lead into a crowd and detonate. Combine these two skills within the class and a player can summon and detonate corpses simultaneously until no more enemies are left standing.

Besides classes, another critical feature of the game is loot. The player can collect loot throughout, with different loot having different categorical values from weapons to clothing. All loot has numbers attached, and as the player progresses through the game, those numbers only ever increase.

In all Diablo III, its glory is a simple game of generating monsters, defeating them, and collecting loot along the way. Its simplicity is refreshing compared to the more in-depth, story-driven games on the market. If the Diablo III Eternal Collection is purchased, the player can skip the storyline altogether and move right on to adventure mode, where one completes tasks and reaps the rewards from them.

Though other games on the market may seem more in-depth, Diablo III is an engaging and progressive game that is tantalizingly and easily addictive.