Here’s a game review on “Dragon ball xenoverse 2”

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is the follow-up to the highly popular Dragon Ball Xenoverse last-gen video game. Many were attracted to that game because players were able to create their very own characters that could be added to the universe of Dragon Ball.

Bringing Dragon Ball to Switch

The makers of Dragon Ball were able to bring Xenoverse to the Switch by reducing the size of the game so that it could fit on such a small device instead of on a full-size console. The main method for achieving this was by halving the frame rate from 60 down to 30. The first game was not available for Nintendo users, but this one is.

A successful conversion

The conversion to Switch has worked well aside from the lower frame rate, and players can enjoy all of the action and adventure they could expect from playing on a larger console. Players can opt to play solo or in multiple player modes. The multiple player modes seem to perform better when all the players are in the same country, perhaps indicating that there is an issue with the game’s netcode.

The Switch even has motion controls, which means that the characters can be moved in new and different ways though most players are more likely to find such controls amusing as opposed to being helpful.

Make your own character.

With Xenoverse 2, you can create your own character to complete the game. You can select which race that your character can be part of. The game does not go into any great detail about the differences between these races, so why not pick the race that looks best for your character. There are slight differences as to what each race is better or worse at doing. Therefore players could experiment with the races to find the one they like the most.

When using the multiple player modes, you can choose to play against the others or co-operate with them. As with all the other games in the Dragon Ball series, it is a straightforward fighting game, so there is a need to develop a strategy. Instead, just have fun fighting all the way to the end of the game.