“Dragon ball z kakarot” game review

The makers of the Dragon Ball series intended that Kararot is an RPG, which they wanted to appeal to players outside of Japan and also to people that are not usually fans of anime-based games. Dragon Ball Kararot is a bold attempt both for gamers that use the PlayStation 4. Newcomers to the series will certainly learn much about its main sagas by playing this game.

Amazing scenes

Kararot succeeds in introducing newcomers to the Dragon Ball world with some simply amazing scenes. Besides fighting in the main sagas, new players and existing fans are able to fight in the many side cuts and subplots. It is an enormous world for newcomers to enter for the first time.

Meet more characters

Other games in the Dragon Ball series have tended to concentrate on the main characters. However, as it tried to show things from the entire anime series Kararot has characters that only did hard fans have actually heard of before. For instance, you will come across the almost forgotten Android No. 8 who has not been mentioned since the early editions of the anime. With well over 200 episodes of anime, there are certainly plenty of characters for newcomers to meet and for fans to reacquaint themselves with.

Look at the cutscenes.

Take time to look at the cutscenes in their own right. Some of them look amazing; in some parts, they are better in terms of quality than the actual anime. Some of the things that can be explored look great. However, there are large areas of the game where there is nothing to look at. There is too much empty space, especially if players could not be bothered to try the side quests.

Probably the best graphics players will find in any of the Dragon Ball games. The minigames included within the game are fun to play, although the gameplay can be a little on the tricky side.

When it comes to the sound, players can choose between the English dub and the Japanese one. The Japanese one sounds better, while the English one is sometimes out of sync.