Rust Survival Game Review

Rust begins with the player being stuck naked on an island. What makes this island stand out from others is that it is easily the weirdest island that anybody could ever see. This island will provide things that will provide basic levels of food, shelter, and even clothing. In Rust, you would be hungry, but if you know where to look, you will not wholly starve.

The only thing is that when in Rust you are not alone, there is somebody else stuck on this stupid island with you. The thing is that you actually hear them before you see them. They are heard as they are doing the same type of things as you just to get by.

In Rust, once you meet the other person stuck on the island, it is a case of kill or be killed. The key to doing well is to kill the other person with as little damage to you as possible in the process. Playing this game is more likely to bring out the worst in people than it is to bring out the best in them. You can work with the other person, so you both have the chance to survive, or you can bash the hell out of each other until one of you dies.

The island in Rust does provide you with things that can aid your bids for survival, such as abandoned shops and even a gas station. There is food, drink, fuel as well as ammunition and weapons. Therefore the game provides players with all the things they need in order to survive and even live in a little bit of comfort. When playing this game, players can decide whether cooperation is best for getting by or if fighting each other to death is the better option. The more you play this game, the more you learn not to trust other players.

The creators of Rust seem to believe that people have the worst brought out of them when they are placed in crisis situations. My experience from playing this game is that the creators are correct to hold such a belief. Never turn your back on another player because it could literally mean that it is game over for you.