Xbox series X Or PlayStation 5 ?

Sony and Microsoft are household names to all video game players as they are the companies behind two of the most famous gaming systems available on the market. The Playstation (Sony) and the Xbox (Microsoft) are consistently top performers in sales and player satisfaction. Now, both companies have released the latest evolution of their popular gaming systems, and players can’t seem to get enough. Let’s see just how well they stack up against one another to determine which system really deserves to be crowned the best of the best.


The way that the system looks ought to be a lot less important than the way that it plays, but many players are interested in owning a system that also has a particularly flashy look to it. It is just something that appeals to the basic human instincts that we all have as soon as the console is out of the box. Both systems can be dinged a bit on this category as neither is considered a work of art in this case.

The Xbox takes this category by a hair for the simple fact that it is a simple and plain design, but at least it is not nearly as complicated or difficult to manage as the brand-new Playstation 5.

Media Power

Both systems have a similar amount of power and capabilities. They are able to play popular streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube. This means that each has the potential to be a great addition to a home that likes to both games and watch streaming content on a regular basis. Most of us fall under this category, so either system should be just fine for a household looking for both.

Which System Is The Best?

The reality is that the Playstation has a better controller and some exclusive features that players seem to like pretty well. The Xbox may have a slight edge on software capabilities, and that is also highly important to the average gamer. As a result, in this near toss-up, the Xbox might have the slightest of advantages simply because it has a strong case to make in terms of software. In either case, players are highly likely to be happy with the experience, and each player should choose based on his or her pricing tolerances as well as personal affection for one system or the other.