Is it a mousepad or a charger? (Its both) “Corsair MM1000 Qi “

Many companies have been struggling with the concept of wireless charging mouse pad systems, and very few have succeeded. Corsair is one of the few that have managed to produce fully functional and exciting Corsair MM1000 Qi mousepads to use. The concept behind this is that users will be able to charge their phones with an additional receiver as the mouse charges automatically when the user plays a game or works using the pad. The company has gone further to include a UDB 3.0 that connects to a PC.

The most disappointing aspect of this product is the lack of RGB lighting. This came as a shock to most since Corsair has been known for its decorative approach to its products. The functionality is still great despite the black patterns on the plastic layer. Its minimalistic design shouldn’t discourage you from buying this pad because it delivers where it matters most: performance.

The solid design enhances durability. It is one of the few products that you may keep away for a long time without use, and it will remain in great shape. You may not like the single textured pattern on the hard plastic surface, but that is to ensure the charging system functions as it should.

You don’t have to worry about your mouse being in constant charging mode when you use the CorsairMM1000Qi. There is a dedicated area where it can charge, so you must remember to place it there when the need arises. The charging process is also a little slower, which means you may have to leave your mouse there overnight. It allows phones that don’t have wireless charging to charge through USB.

The mouse pad is one of the cheapest, with the price ranging between $15 to $30. It gives you any kind of gaming effect by allowing you to remain in control without compromising the speed. It provides a new perspective to wireless mouse charging, but it also has its shortcomings, as mentioned above. It’s easy to connect and use, but if you can’t, the Corsair manual and safety insert can guide you through.