Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Review!

Due to the Wii U gaming system’s short-lived popularity, Super Mario 3D World was not met with the recognition it deserved for its ingenuity and creativity. The new Super Mario 3D World is the Wii U predecessor’s spitting image with few noticeable but valuable differences. The latest version features online play with others and sped-up mechanics that bring the game’s action to a different level.

As stated, it is still the spitting image of its predecessor. The game’s level design continues to be strong and diverse with a variety of valuable power-ups. The multiplayer option feels more accessible than online play in 2D games, making for an engaging gaming experience.

The most significant difference with the new Super Mario 3D World is its additional content – Bowser’s Fury.

An almost experimental content addition, Bowser’s Fury sets the stage as a new sandbox adventure that takes approximately 3-5 hours to finish in its entirety. Bowser’s Fury places Mario and partner Bowser’s Jr. in a brand-new world, with Bowser Jr. having the ability to be controlled either by A.I. or another player. Despite this, the uniqueness of Bowser’s Fury makes for a game worth playing again and again.

Though it is not the length of a full-fledged Mario game, it certainly carries one’s quality of one. At any given moment, Bowser can awaken, sending projectiles at the player in Fury mode and even shifting the map. Despite being slightly predictable, it adds a layer of tension to the game that keeps it exciting and engaging. From the first time Bowser awakens in the game, and his metal theme begins to play, the player is transported to a unique world.

Bowser’s Fury’s end goal is to collect enough ‘Cat Shines’ to successfully face the final boss, at which point the game’s credits will begin to roll. Overall, the gameplay is like that of any 3D Mario game with fun puzzles throughout the map. Some puzzles are challenging enough that some players might feel driven to look up a gameplay guide.

The game is light and breezy, with a unique world perfect for exploring. There’s plenty of variance within the game, and Bowser Jr.’s A.I. can be toggled to perform in various ways, from doing nothing to assist the player in collecting power-ups. Additionally, an on-demand item inventory is available that enables players to stay in control even in the heat of battle. One last touch is the presence of amount; Plessie can be used to navigate the vast waters of the game’s map until the requirements for fast travel are met.

Even without Bowser’s Fury, Super Mario 3D World is a fantastic, engaging game. Though and though Bowser’s Fury is not a pretty standalone Mario game of its own, it is still an excellent addition and a package worth buying.