Corsair K83 Wireless Entertainment Keyboard Review

Modern TVs may have great designs that make them pleasant to look at, but some have lags that reduce their performance capacities. Theatre PCs are slowly replacing the traditional screens because of their multiple functionalities. They can be used for watching or streaming and also be used for gaming.

Corsair K83 Wireless Entertainment Keyboard is one of the devices that can be used with such screens, but it isn’t designed for gaming. It can still make the functionalities of a PC versatile. The price ranges between $99 and $120. The wireless mechanisms give it an edge, just like its unique design. The top has an aluminum case that gives it optimal protection, and its slim size gives it a sleek layout. The neutral colors allow the LED colors to pop. It will improve the visual appeal in your living room any time you use it.

One of the disadvantages of CorsairK83WirelessEntertainmentKeyboard is its weight. At 480 g, it is one of the heaviest keyboards in the market.

The keyboard has a right-hand cluster where you would typically find the number pad for the layout. This is the main distinctive feature available on this product, and its feasibility shows that a lot of thought and effort had been put into it. A touchpad with LED rims is also available, with buttons carefully placed beneath. The left and right buttons are also included in the device, with a volume roller that can be muted with a simple click. All these elements are what make the keyboard better than the regular ones.

For instance, the circle pad works perfectly when using your right hand to navigate the screen. Its placement makes it reachable from any angle, but its shape may inconvenience you by limiting the circumference that you can cover. The pad is also too small, and the buttons are too complicated, which are other disadvantages.

Both the typing and gaming experiences are good with this device, but the way its concept was executed leaves a lot to be desired.