“Filco Ninja Majestouch-2 Mechanical” Keyboard Review

The Filco Ninja Majestouch-2 Mechanical Keyboard improved the first 85-key Space Saving console that IBM packaged with its modern processing stages during the 1980s. The company has been inspired by that minimal plan to come up with an 87-key model. It has different paintwork, clickable Cherry Blue MX key switches, a braided USB cable, and a steel base plate. However, its $165 retail cost will probably stun people that perceive keyboards as basic peripherals. That may not be the case for programmers or nerds who see such keyboards as prized possessions.

The keyboard has a version without a keypad, which is better for people who rarely type. It saves a lot of space by getting rid of numbers that are seldom used, to begin with. Instead, it has function keys that serve multiple purposes. F1 to F3 keys can be used to control the media and volume, while the F5 through FB keys are for tracking navigation commands. A single Windows button is on the right side of the space bar, while the left has Ctrl, FN, and Alt keys.

The case comes covered in beige, brown, or olive, which contrasts the black keys to get the best visual effect. FilcoNinjaMajestouch-2 also comes with the company’s logo, though it is located at the lower right part. You also get an alternative typing angle with this keyboard, thanks to its rubber-coated feet.

A keycap extractor and substitute arrangement of olive W, A, S, and D covers give visual signals to those searching for the hone keys. In addition, F and J are raised for the same impact.

At long last, Filco has given its users an abundant 5-foot olive-shaded cable that is wrapped in a coated nylon. This, together with the USB plug, will not restrict you to a specific location when you want to use the keyboard.

The keypads are Ficos design. Their less concave invert is conspicuous compared to their competitors, but the pad-printed letters may be susceptible to fading. Whether you are a typist or a gamer, this keyboard is worth checking out.