“THE MEDIUM” A horror game review.

The medium is a third-person themed game. This is a creation of the Blobber team, a studio known to create epic horror games. The story is based on a young woman named Marianne, who has psychic abilities to travel to the dark world and speak with spirits.

The setup is in post-war Poland with scary forests, abandoned hotels like the Niwa resort, and other buildings; you get to fill the chilling effect expected of horror stories. Navigating Marianne through these abandoned buildings and cold war bunkers can be challenging, but most sections involve sneaking past horrifying enemies, solving puzzles, and finding hidden objects. It sounds simple, but the fact that at some point, Marriane is identical in both the spirit and real-world depending on the terrain makes all this an uphill task.

Through the game, the medium communicates, and you can hear sounds from the characters. Every character comes out with different emotional strengths. A troubled Marianne and a broken Thomas, you only feel empathetic considering the fight they are putting to do right in an evil world. Though they bring out emotions, a keen look, you realize that there is a disconnect between the characters and the objects they are interacting with. The way they come out stiff like dolls or mannequins makes them look unreal.

The scenes on The medium are splendid for a horror game. For example, the Niwa resort looks old and abandoned with old magazines racked around the place. The polish forest also has a scary ambiance, and you feel alone running around it. It is even more frightening with the soundtracks, which are haunting and melancholic. On this, the creators outdid themselves.

Although the game lives up to its; theme, a noticeable hitch comes when switching between two worlds, but they make up for it by having a split-screen whenever Marianne becomes identical. But when the split-screen is gone, you are also exposed. What is good about the medium is that it covers social evils such as domestic violence apart from playing. The game is well scripted and lives up to the horror theme executed by exemplary characters.