Take a look at a futuristic monitor “Alienware AW3418DW”

Alienware AW3418DW has a curved screen that gives it a futuristic design and makes it one of the most striking gaming displays. Thirty-four inches, 3440 x 1440 resolution and compatibility with Nvidia G-Sync are some of the features you’re likely to notice first on this device. It combines the gaming industry’s essential factors, namely colors, performance, and brightness, but at $1,149, it is still an expensive device that you must consider properly before buying.

The attention-grabbing device can be compared to other Alienware gadgets like laptops. Led strips at the back, on the stand, and below the monitor make a bold statement through the visual impact that tier products from this company have become known for. They are customizable, which means you can choose the colors you want them to display depending on the time and type of game you’re playing. The lights behind don’t seem to contribute much because of their position.

The AlienwareAW3418DW also caters to modern needs through its ergonomics. You can tilt it to different angles, raise it to a height you prefer, or swivel it in any direction. All these are crucial in gaming without straining. However, the screen cannot be used in a vertical mode, which is regrettable, considering the size and price of the display.

Input selections include USB type A and B ports, HDMI, and DisplayPort placed in different sections of the panel. Some are at the back and can’t be reached quickly because of the lack of display. The most important ports are at the bottom, so you shouldn’t worry about struggling to connect your commonly used gaming accessories like headsets.

Up to 6 navigation buttons allow easy accessibility of the menu and more control when engaged in a game. Some of the buttons are dedicated to switching modes, changing brightness, and overlocking the display. You can change or add other shortcuts to the menu according to your preference.

The colors in this display and the resolution will make the most delicate details in a game easily noticeable. There isn’t any input lag, which also helps with high-performance delivery.