Samsung CRG9 Ultra-wide Review

Very few gaming monitors are priced over $1000, which makes Samsung CRG9 a special one at almost $1,500. The price grabs attention because the monitor doesn’t have a comprehensive resolution as seen with other monitors within the same price range, and it isn’t a QLED either. The design of this product and its features places it in its own class that only resonates with avid gaming enthusiasts.

With a width of 47 inches and a height of almost 4 feet, this is one of the market’s most giant monitors. It also comes with thinner bezels, making it easy to get consumed in pixels as you enjoy a game. They also have a sleek design with black finishing broken by minimalistic designs and the Samsung logo. Several buttons, including the power button, are placed at the bottom of the screen.

There is a picture-by-picture mode that you can activate to get multiple outputs with no border between them. You can use a PC for gaming and a MacBook Pro on the other side displaying the guidelines you need to complete your game. Several ports are carefully hidden behind the screen, with a shield covering them. Regardless of the number of cables you plugin, you will have a clean setup with the hole’s help on the removable guard.

SamsungCRG9 meets expectations that are usually associated with such enormous screens. It has enough settings you can use to personalize your experience, but the default settings are generally good enough for an excellent performance. The imagery, the QLED panel, and HDR compatibility all aid with performance delivery.

Ability to support up to 125% RGB coverage displays vibrant colors in any game. The 120 Hz refresh rate and a quick response time of 4 ms make it one of the most responsive screens you can ever find.

Most games will display well on this monitor, but others will leave you with black bars on the sides. Finding the proper hardware for this display may not be very easy either because mid-range systems may not function smoothly on the device.