Corsair MM600 Mouse pad Review

A serious PC gamer will most likely invest in a high-end keyboard and mouse for comfort during long gaming sessions and get an edge on the competition with more incredible greater speed or accuracy. But most players are overlooking an essential part of the setup.

This is where the precision mousepad comes in. Picking a suitable surface for your mouse can make a big difference.

I took a look at the top mouse mat from Corsair Gaming, the Corsair MM600. This popular mat offers a double-sided function that can meet the needs of different in-game situations. The beautiful, rugged aluminum could hold up as a permanent part of your gaming setup. Before you spring for a mat like this, though, you need to answer one question… Is it worth it? This review will give you everything you need to make up your mind.


The Corsair MM600 is a medium-to-large size mouse mat at 13.9in x 10.7 (352mm x 272mm). It’s ample room, but not one of those jumbo mousepads, either.

Corsair Gaming boasts that the aluminum in this mat is super strong — so even though it’s only 3mm thick, it doesn’t bend under any sort of Normal use, even on the couch or right on your lap. For average desk or table use, though, the rubberized corners keep the mat from sliding and only add a slight amount to the thickness.

Double Sides

The stiff aluminum offers an advantage over soft mats, and that is the unique surface found on each of the two sides. One side is built for speed, and the other for precision. This means you can flip it for that extra edge depending on the game you’re playing or even during the same game.

The speed side features a very slight texture that runs horizontally from side to side. The mouse glides across this surface so nicely, but it’s not too slick, either. The only downside is that it shows a little more hand grease, but as a hard mat, it does wipe clean easily.

The precision side has a more consistent and pronounced texture, but it’s still comfortable on the hand. It is a little plainer to the eye, but the start-and-stop ability it gives you is excellent. I don’t think it slows the mouse down too much, though. It’s still fast enough to provide a good balance.
The two-side functionality offers you that extra layer of situational control and could mean an advantage as you change gaming situations. Or, you may find that one of the sides is your ideal surface for every game. Either way, it’s great to have the choice.


Due to its surface versatility and robust construction, the Corsair MM600 is a terrific option for any gamer looking for a hard mousepad of this size. It’s a premium product that will bring in premium performance for you.