immortals fenyx rising Review

The main feature with immortals Fenyx rising is the different types of cubes available. You get vast and floating cubes that glow and hang on the air when you whack them. You can also stack them and enjoy a high level of playfulness as you use them to build various puzzles. You can also get mischievous with these cubes and enjoy a complete experience with them.

This game’s action and adventure are one of the reasons why it is popular among gamers who like games built around gods and monsters. Your character is Fenyx, a demigod that has to fight a monster named Typhon. The weapons are an axe and sword, but there is also room for puzzling.

Since it is based on Greek myths, this game offers a light-hearted tone but is still unsuitable for kids. The setting is also refreshing, with the wavy grass, dozy hills, and craggy spires being the center of attention. You can step on any surface, lift the massive objects, tame wild animals, ride them, and use your wings to glide to wherever you want to go.

While the landscape may be great for gamers, the immortals seem too artificial than authentic. The game lacks expansive meadows, lakes, and mountainsides that make it look wonderous to match the theme of the game. To some, this may not be a big deal, and it doesn’t influence how you play the game. To others, the dynamic landscape of immortals Fenyx rising may be confusing.

Immortals seem to have taken some of the essential features to form similar games but fails in delivering to exceed expectations. Apart from the landscape settings, the game has also struggled to balance its two prominent personalities.

Some of the features included in the game are very engaging and satisfying. For instance, the vaults that have been placed as dungeons on different sections of the map are oddly clever as they will take you through various challenges to get through. Despite this, immortals failed to deliver their concept properly to be thoroughly captivating. It doesn’t create a lasting memory and doesn’t give a genuine adventure.