Sony PlayStation 5 is out now!

Since the inception of play stations, Sony has been releasing gaming catalogs of them over the years. From play station and now the Sony play station 5 is here. Honestly, this version is a significant upgrade from the previous versions. Notably, the PS4 and PS5 are cross-generational, meaning users with both consoles can play the games together.

From the outward look, the console looks just plain and ordinary compared to other gaming consoles, but that is not why we are buying the gaming console. The performance and the specs are one to die for if you are a gaming enthusiast. The visuals are very eye-pleasing, given the high-resolution task of a Maximum of 4k.

Physically, the PS 5 is enormous compared to other consoles in the market. If you are buying this, be sure of enough space. The good thing is that you can place it vertically or horizontally, which can be quite a task since it involves unscrewing the whole system. The fan is also enormous but not noisy to interrupt you from your game. Looking at the layout, it’s also quite similar to the PS4.

The sound system is transparent since it is built with the DTS and Audio formats Dolby digital, but the disc drive tends to be noisy compared to the X box or the Microsoft gaming console. The dual sense creates excitement as it immerses you in the games you play and also allows you for more invention. While playing, you get to experience the highest speed thanks to the high-speed SSD.

The Dualsense integrated microphone allows for sound clarity though sounds come out tiny. Looking at the specs of the Sony PS5, you notice that the Xbox comes out a bit superior. They both share some specs like an 8-core CPU, AMD graphic processors. Other Sony PS5 specs are 825GB SSD storage, HDR 10 formats, output HDMI, USB type A and C, and dimensions of 39x10x26cm.

The PS5 allows you to prioritize graphical features on your games which is very intriguing but compare to the likes of Xbox. It still faces competition.