Need some keys for iPad? “Apple magic keyboard”

The iPad comes across as more than a tablet, and that is why Apple has become more creative and created an accessory that can help in other functions. Clearly, Apple devices tend to be on the high side of the market prices but of high quality. The Apple magic keyboard is not an exception as it goes for a fee of 299 dollars. Considering the features and their functionality, I believe it is worth the price.

The iPad is already pricey, so an additional device of such an amount can be pretty expensive. Having this keyboard means functionality and comfort are guaranteed.

The silicone exterior gives the keyboard a sleek look. It has a built-in touchpad making typing easier. It also has a USB charging port which is also used for external display and front and back protection. To use this keyboard case, you have to attach it to the iPad thanks to its magnetic cantilever, making it look like it’s floating. While attached, you can adjust the keyboard to not more than 130 degrees. This feature makes the apple magic keyboard foldable hence portability becomes easier.

The notable fact is that the Apple magic keyboard compatibility is only limited to the iPad Pro and iPad Air, 12.9-inch models. So if you have any other Apple tablet, it’s not advisable to acquire this.

Most users can attest that using an iPad feels more like using a laptop with this device. You can also balance it on your laps. The design allows for portability, although it can be a bit weighty, being that it has to be accompanied by the iPad. It is an accessory that any iPad user should have.

The Apple Magic keyboard will really come in handy if you want to use your tablet as a laptop. As an excellent accessory for your iPad, it has a sleek design and a smooth trackpad. The downside is the price and the limited compatibility options for other apple devices. Given, Apple devices are expensive, but this particular accessory is worth the price. To transform your iPad into a laptop for remote work and projects, get the Magic Keyboard.