Razer pro-type Only a 139.99

Razer is a company dealing in gaming peripherals, now wants to start delivering non-gaming machines because the gaming laptops it produces are mainly being applied in non-gaming use. The company hopes that the new product will easily penetrate the market.

Razer pro-type features
Razer pro-type has the following key details;
Removable USB-C, fiber cable.
Wireless connection to the foreign device (up to 4 devices)
Long-lasting for 80 million keystroke
Keys, fully programmed
Mechanical switches (Razer, Orange)

Other features include; long battery lifespan, white led backlit keys, keycaps having a soft-touch coating, tactile keys, etc. Most of the accessories, e.g., the USB-C cables are arranged decently in a box.

White full-size keys with clear numbers and letters labeled on them. Then the placement of the Fn key is different from that of a gaming keyboard. This keyboard is positioned on the right side. Backlight keys, volume control keys, and media keys make up the function keys. On the upper side of the keyboard are the scroll loc LEDs, num lock, and caps. The outlook of this keyboard is made up of good looking silver plate.

It has a movable foot that allows you to adjust the keyboard to different suitable degrees. Also to note on the lower backside of the mechanical keyboard is BT and a USB cable port.
Simplicity; after charging your keyboard, you can easily connect the 2.4GHz dongle with your PC. Razer pro-type can easily be used through wireless connections or even in wired mode. For Bluetooth connection, in order to facilitate pairing, ensure that you turn to BT and then, for a few seconds, press/hold Fn+1 or Fn+3.

Having worked with Razer for a long time, I am confident to assure you that Razer products are ranking top. While you are typing, you’ll be able to realize its tactile nature that provides silence, therefore, minimum noise.
Also, to note on performance, the keyboard must be in Bluetooth mode in order to be used effectively, be it that the dongle is plugged in or not.
Battery performance- Razer pro type keyboard consumes 12 hours of battery life when 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth are being used. Or when backlit isn’t on, it utilizes up to 84 hours and almost 78 hours on 2.4GHz. When you minimize the use of a backlight, you can efficiently work through the week without power interference. The lighting may kill the battery’s efficiency so fast.
Market price rate- the Razer pro-type mechanical keyboard is selling at 139.99 US dollars. Being that it has effectiveness and power concerns, it was priced at the stated amount.