HyperX Cloud II Wireless headset Review

HyperX Cloud II Wireless headset is an improved version of the wired HyperX Cloud II, but they have very few differences. One of them is the lack of cables sticking from the headset and the band’s printed company logo. The padding on the headband and the cups are still of high quality and as soft as before. The design choice is still as bold as it was with the wired headset.

HyperX Cloud II Wireless provides comfort and durability. The reinforced padding takes care of your comfort, while the aluminum frames give you sturdiness and durability. They also provide a high level of sturdiness and will not fling off however hard you try to shake your head. With only 313 grams in weight, you won’t feel any pressure when you have these headsets. For some users, this lightweight nature may be uncomfortable because of the belief that wireless products should be heavier than wired ones. the non-rotating cups may also be a disadvantage to some users, but this is to be expected with products that have metal forks.

The detachable DAC controller seems to be a pleasant addition. The power button, mute microphone button, USB charging port, and a slot for the detachable microphone all make usability easier. They are all placed on the left side, leaving the right for the volume wheel.

The company has used the same technology they use on their other products for the microphone. It is also easy to put in place, which helps with the gaming experience.

The significant changes can be found in the internal features. For instance, the 2.4 GHz wireless connection allows a stable connection that is also prevalent in some of the renowned hardware like Xbox. It can retain its strength even when there are other signals in the room. The battery is long-lasting and can take you up o 30 hours before recharging.

When using windows, you will have to make a few minor changes to the settings. You can take advantage and customize the headsets to your preference. Expect nothing but the best sound delivery with this product.