Here’s a daily keyboard “Das Keyboard 13”

Keyboards have been a potent tool of work for me. Having done a lot of work that concerns writing, I understand the value of a keyboard. Since my work is always bulky and needs a lot of accuracies, I prefer a mechanical version. I started writing nine years ago, and for all these years have been using the basic keyboard for Mac. Today I’ve replaced it with Das Keyboard 13.

Advantages of a mechanical keyboard
• Mechanical keyboards produced today are mostly created for gamers. But Das’s main purpose is to come up with a mechanical keyboard that can be used daily.
• A mechanical keyboard provides a high level of accuracy. It’s long-lasting and allows for smooth key pressing. It’s fabricated in a manner that doesn’t facilitate disruption. Font lucidity, valuable switches, and make-up simplicity are the main factors that Das Model pays attention to.

The drawback of Model S professional for mac
• Model S Professional for Mac has been my number one so far, but my concern is its magnetic fingerprint nature and the missing backlight.
• A brighter backlight would have been effective for working in dim places or the dark.

Features and benefits of Model S with an Aluminum top panel
• A good example of the Model S model is that with the aluminum top panel. Right now, this model goes at 130 dollars on amazon. Its top is now made of aluminum. It has become stronger and doesn’t pick fingerprints anymore. Also to note, this model is now fitted with an LED backlight, which can help you work easily at all hours.
• The backlighting has various ways of shining that can easily suit user’s needs. This feature makes it attractive and entertaining as you work. You can quickly note the texture difference when using prime 13.
• Model S produces many disturbing sounds, while Prime 13 produces smooth, less distractive sounds. This is because prime 13 is fixed with Cherry MX Brown while Model S is fitted with Cherry MX Blue.
• One thing I have realized is that Prime 13 is not designed to suit Mac operators. The option key is not Mac level. I have found it difficult to do cutting and pasting using the command key for a while now.