One of the best controllers made Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 !

Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 is a modified and improved version of the first elite. You get to make the controller as good as you want it to be, giving you a sense of comfort as you use it. You also get new grips that extend to the triggers. This gives you a bigger textured surface, which means that you won’t rest your finger on the untextured surface unless you want to press a button. The grip is also durable and won’t scratch or wear off easily even when using for prolonged durations.

The replacement components that include 8-way D-pads, analog sticks, and paddles give you precision control when gaming. The analog sticks have adjustable tensions, but you’ll have to use the kit included. It also has three settings, though they have minimal differences that can be missed easily.


Xbox Elite Controller Series2 also has revamped buttons and triggers. Two switches are also located at the back to help you get a full or half-press for the triggers you prefer. The built-in battery s another cool feature of this new device. It can last up to 40 hours and can be easily charged with the USB port located on the device. If you prefer wireless charging, you get a charging dock that doesn’t take up too much space on the device. Since you’ll be paying $180 for the controller, all these new features, including the Bluetooth functionality, are valuable.

There have been improvements with the software too. You can access the accessories app and get a wide range of input options that will transform your experience. The shift button gives you more choices can. You get the ability to rotate the inputs however you want, with the help of an LED indicator that shows you the settings you’re activated. This controller feels very comfortable when held. It is lightweight, but it still has enough stability. You won’t feel like putting it down for many hours on end.

All these changes make the device a perfect revolution from the earlier release and may even make the price worthy.