A Keyboard you probably haven’t heard about (Happy Hacking Professional 2)

If you’re not an enthusiast hacker, you won’t understand the hype behind PFU Happy Hacking Professional 2 (HHKB2). Unlike your regular keyboard, this one doesn’t have function keys, arrow keys, and num pads. The remaining keys have a unique placement style that may require some getting used to. For example, the control key replaces the caps-lock key. In contrast, the backspace key is positioned where the backsplash key usually is. The $225 price may seem exorbitant for most people. Still, the exceptional design and functionality you’re getting may make it worth it.

The keyboard has regular-sized keys, but it is smaller than the keyboards you’re used to. The keys they’ve removed are non-essential, so you still get to operate the computer generally with the ones installed. The omission also seems to have worked for the design as it looks sleek and attractive. They have included a couple of passthrough ports for USB connection, which means you won’t have to stand up every time you need to connect or disconnect them.

The main disadvantage with PFUHappyHackingProfessional2(HHKB2) is the key layout. While it minimized the space and aids with design, it decreases usability. You’ll find yourself hitting the wrong keys multiple times before getting used to how they have been positioned. Getting used to the keyboard is easy, but for others, the steep learning curve never ends.

HHKB2 also has switches that allow customization, though it’s limited. For example, you can switch the Alt and Option keys depending on the device you’re using. After getting used to the keyboard, you will enjoy the comfort it provides as you type.

The keyboard has good performance capacity and speed. Still, it may not be suitable for those unfamiliar with Topre switches. Most users who are used to mechanical keyboards may not find the balance between rubber domes and traditional switches appealing. The sound they make ad their weight are more slid, but this keyboard has little flexibility.

Don’t be surprised if you end up liking similar devices like the Topre Realforce better. You can test the keyboard before spending your money.