Take a look at (The Last Of Us Part 2)

For years, The Last of Us had many wondering what happened to Joel and Ellie after he made his decision. The game developers seemed to resist having a sequel for so long that most players started getting used to the idea of not having one. The Last of Us Part 2 has brought answers that were left pending in the first game, together with a more complex and great evolution to the gameplay.

The game begins with Ellie looking for revenge as she is older and fiercer. The beginning seems simple enough, but you get a more ambitious Ellie and new features that make the game so profound as you continue playing. The emotions from the last game, the war on the streets that have stood the test of a zombie apocalypse, and the new characters all add to this game’s new experience. You get a somewhat original story and adventures, but they are still tied to the last game, which gives it a satisfying continuity.

Although you can play The Last of Us Part2 without playing the first one, doing so will keep you from resonating with some parts in the sequel. You don’t need to remember the events in the game; you just need to understand the beginning of the intense emotions being displayed in the game. You will understand Ellie’s whims better and tackle the challenging moments from the perspective of the characters better. The most relatable character seems to be Ellie, though Joel, Baker, and Dina also have crucial roles in how the relationships unfold.

It’s hard not to get wrapped up in the mixture of emotions that have been executed in this story. On the one hand, you will hate characters that do despicable things, but then you get to understand that it’s all for love. These conflicts overshadow the action and puzzle in the game, but they still make it worth trying out. You get to improvise how you want to react to some of the actions as you try to stay alive. You also learn that enemies don’t usually follow the same pattern.